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As, I post before, our Baby Jun owned an entertainment company named HnB Entertainment together with his brother Kim KiBum of U-Kiss. The official site can seen here . These 2 brothers act as the company’s CEO. And, here’s their ENG trans message via ss501ysyk (pls click the image for clearer view)

As for the site’s screen caps, please go under the cut!


As I posted before, and probably all of u already know before u read this, our Sexy Charisma Park Jungmin launched his official FB account under the name OfficialParkJungMin

So, pls visit his FB page and click the LIKE button to show him some love ^^

I put few caps from his FB , so u can have a slight view of his FB page ^^


Source : 한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 연예팀 박영주 기자