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YES! Leader is doing another skin treatment endorsement and it’s Face Shop for now!

The CF firstly airing on TV on 21 Sept 2010 as stated on his official site ^^

On 12 Aug 2010, Leader HJ newest Ad photo Campaign for Male Clothing brand “MVIO” is unveiled!

MVIO 2010 F/W Campaign is done under “Mountaineering” theme which is a mix concept of british tailoring with mountain outdoor casual look.

It has been 2 years since leader endorsed the brand and MVIO seemed to enjoy the benefit of using him as their ambassador.

Credit : blurinse@egloos + (Eng.Translation ) Ode’s Blog

Recently KimHyunjoong has turned to become on par (in terms of advertising modelling ambassador fees) as Hallyu star Bae Yongjoon. He isn’t losing out to Bae Yongjoon in any way now.

[Q] How many adverts. have you roughly shot for until now (in 2010)

[A] About 4~5 (sure~~~~~ more than that!!!)

[Q] Who will be the happiest in receiving the $?
[A] First and foremost of course me. And then agency (he laughs). And the people who reaps the most…should be the people around me (right)

I previously posted [photo] ss501 kim hyunjoong is a man in a masquerade for new hotsun chicken ad!

And, now, the CF is out! Enjoy!

Imuyachan : Leader is a walking statue much in this CF ❤ ❤ ❤ oh God!