[Photo] Kim HyunJoong @ his chicken restaurant “Jaksal”

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Random Things
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A photo of leader having a toast to people inside Jaksal chicken house were posted in an online community board.

The picture was taken inside the Jaksal chicken house which leader owned together with his friend.

It was said, the scene was spotted after his Fan Signing.

The photo is shared via the community board on 22 Oct 2011

Via jsmc0632 @ Cyworld

  1. pengfoo says:

    Someday I will visit at least one of his chicken restaurants. I will maybe meet him there ( maybe not him but certainly one of the cute fat ones of the trio… hahaha…)
    We will have a blast talking of Hyun Joong. If he were a chicken dish, he’d be the centre-piece, and he’d be delicious…Yikes…I am digressing… just dreaming … hehehe…

  2. annshrh says:

    he got his own restaurant, is it ? i’m from M’sia . that’s why i don’t know .

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