[Event] 김현중 Kim HyunJoong @ Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 07.07.2011

Posted: July 15, 2011 in English
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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leader just freeze me at the last dance break ❤

  1. Bibette Sia says:

    This is the best version & stage set up of Break Down. It rained during the ceremony, however Kim Hyun Joong’s performance jive with the bad weather due to the water splash portion of the performance. He’s really lucky, in fact even it rained heavily while he performs the better it gets. As if the idea is set to get the dancers wet, to remove their shirt & get to energetic dancing. I rate this excellent among those who perform…and yes better luck next time for them…KHJ is really lucky, I know the staff might have difficulty in preparation but the weather is meant to be rainy for KHJ to add zest to their performance.

  2. pengfoo says:

    I just love this performance. It’s got high energy, the dancing is great , the song is a fast, catchy number and Hyun Joong is the main dish!

    He and his team seem to be enjoying themselves on the stage and the mood is contagious. Everyone is catching on, enjoying and cheering for the performers.

    Hyun Joong has added a final piece de re-sis-tance -like a little cabaret act to close the show. Very Las Vegas but Bravo!

  3. pengfoo says:

    Somehow I must have clicked a wrong button and brought my comment for the Mama performance to this page. Sorry. but I guess this applies to the show above as well. Great show except for the last line.

    Should read instead :

    Wow what a closing act! Nothing beats Hyun Joong shirtless. He…is the piece de re-sis-tance !!!


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