[Event|Report] Jakarta FantastiKpop 2011 [18.06.2011]

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Jakarta FantastiKpop Festival kicked its event on June 18, 2011.

The event started at 7 pm sharp with MC greeted the audience. After few minutes greeting, the MC introduces Joo as the first artist to perform.

Joo wore a pretty dress with heels and wavy hair. She sings 4 songs : Because of A Man, Bad Man, After Meet and I am Every Woman. She speaks simple English to the audience and communicate with us. She sings well and very friendly. She closed her stage by covering Whitney Houston’s song I am Every Woman. [watch Joo videos here]

MC comes out again giving away freebies to the audience. Then, he welcome 2AM!


They wore white suits and sings 6 songs (never let u go, confession of a friend, you wouldn’t answer my calls, like crazy, no.1 and this song). JinWoon absence is well covered by the 3 members. The crowd who is mostly an I AM cheered for them loudly expressing their fandom towards the groups. [Watch 2Am videos here]

San E

San E is one of the artist who surprised me in many ways. He speaks fuent English and he knows how to entertain. I bet he knows that he is lack of popularity compare with the rest of the artist, so he only sing 2 of his songs and the rest of it he covered BEP songs N closed it with Fly like a G6. San E also grab our attention when he took 1 girl on stage n sing “Lovesick” for her. He got kiss fr the fans n even give her  a hug which of course made everyone scream. Seriously, San E surely knows how to entertain people. [Watch San E videos here]

SS501 Kim HyungJoon
Finally! My most awaited artist comes out n greet the audience. Kim Hyungjoon it is! He sings “Oh!Ah!” as the first song and made everyone happy. He only smiles when he finished and continue to the 2nd song which is “Girl“. He sings beautifully and dance handsomely. He then did a short talk session with us. I can surely tell how professional and senior he is in the industry. He looked confident on stage singing beautifully without much effort. He also controls the stage and guides the interpreters to translate his words right after he finished the talk. He said how happy he is to come to Indonesia. HJb did a lot of fan services such as : sit on the right side of the stage n did selca with fans’ camera. HJB also sings his duet with Dok2 “You’re not a girl“. He also took a rose from a fans and put it in his pocket. He sings “Heaven” afterwards. He then did a small talk again n was so happy to hear the fans’ screaming his name. He asked our support for his solo n ask us to support other SS501 member solo project as well. He finished the stage with “U R Man” song. Everybody is screaming happily as it is SS501 song and sing along with him. He ended his stage beautifully. [Watch HJB videos here]

last performer is missA
missA comes out n greet the audience with Breathe. Then they greet us and did a small talk session. After the talk, they sing “Love alone”. They also did solo stage. Min did a dance stage with Ciara song. Suzy sings Mandy Moore’s Hope whilst Fei n Jia did a duet dance stage. Then the group back again together with other song and ended their stage with Bad Girl Good Girl. [Watch missA videos here]

My 2 cents : The festival is great and filled with great artist yet a bit too empty for that huge site.  I assumed the kpop lover already used their money for previously held Kpop concert. The ticket itself, I think quite affordable as you can be near stage with only Rp.750.000 (festival) and even they also provide a buy 1 get 1 free with BCA credit card. Despite everything, the fans : Triple S, I AM, Say A, etc were awesome [watch TripleS cheering for HJB here] Putting banner and sing along with their favorite artist. All artist performed well that night! Blackrock also did a great job with the queuing coordination. Yet, I think, the media should get a better position as it is hard to get good coverage if they placed in a location which is quite far from the stage. [I bought the ticket so I can get closer and get better coverage in the end.]

Anyway, I hope more Kpop concert can be held again in Indonesia at the right time and right ticket price!

Photos from the event!


Imuyachan for Superstar 501 Yongwonhi + Hallyuism! Special thx to Blackrock Entertainment for the media pass!


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