[Event] Heo YoungSaeng Fan Sign 11.06.2011 [ENG Trans]

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Event
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The video is mostly the closing of the fan sign. It shud be only closing speech whatsoever, yet, the fans kept asking him questions ^^ Here’s few trans of what he says :

1:04 ~ It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. Please go back home safely.

1:22 ~ [Due the fans’ deep and many Qs, he says] What’s this… like reporter interview~

1:37 ~ Fans: “when is 2nd album??” YS: SS501’s 2nd album?? Fans: No, your solo.. YS: ahh … ei? 2nd album?? Fans: Yes YS: I haven’t release 1st album yet, how come I make 2nd album, U make me shock. [Trans via Meggi3E27 @ YT] – this the funniest part LOL

Video by bestys

My 2 cents : Youngsaeng is definitely grow up into an entertainer personality. He was so shy and quite back then when he was with the SS501 member. Maybe because there’s 5 of them ^^ Now, he speaks much since he is alone ^^ 생이 화이팅!!


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