[Info|KeyEast] Kim HyunJoong Showcase Ticket Printing Instruction for Henecia!

Posted: June 5, 2011 in info
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[Sample of the showcase ticket as posted at Hyun-Joong]

As we all know, Kim HyunJoong will throw a showcase on June 7,2011 and for those of you who already bought the ticket, Key East posted info regarding the ticket on June 3,2011.

Here’s a brief translation of the instruction :

Key East, ” Henecia will receive the ticket via mail, please save it and all you have to do is type your name and your Henecia number on it then print it.”

Here’s how to put your name and number on the ticket after you opened the ticket image :

1. Print screen to capture the ticket image.
2. Run Paint, click Edit, Paste (Ctrl + V).
3. Cut only the Invitation part then click Ctrl + X
4. Open new page and click paste (Ctrl + V), put your name and number on it and  print the invitation

Key East,” Print your name and Henecia no. on it otherwise you can’t exchange the ticket as it needs to be print as posted sample. Please make sure you follow the instruction and do not hesitate to send us mail if you have further question. Thanks your for cooperation and let’s make this event a pleasant one.”

Source : Hyun-Joong


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