[Fan Account] SS501 Park JungMin in Spore !

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Event
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Singapore contributor So-in shared her experience when Jungmin visited the country. Read away!

I’ve promised Imuyachan that I’d write my fan account for so many times. 

But after the events, after sending  the boys off, I always get exhausted and had to resume back to work soon after. 

So I’ve been postponing on and on. Now it’s a good time for me to recap my experiences.…
So I’ll bring up the fan signing part here.

Me in Jungmin’s event
At first I only planned to attend his Fan Party (it’s like a mini showcase, sing a few songs and play games with fans) 

and was only to be an observer at the fansigning event. But once I got to the venue, 

the atmosphere was so tempted that I finally had to get myself a pass to go greet him myself. 
So I got into the queue, speed up my last-minute letter while waiting for him to show up…

When the MC announced his entering, Jungmin just shined on his way down from the escalator. 
He came to the stage and greeted fans, and to my surprise…I mean, I know he’s a languages person, 

but didn’t expect him to be this good in Mandarin! 

Though not all pronounced accurately but thinking of the time he took to learn this…OH PARK JUNG MIN !!!
(in the fan party he communicated mostly in Mandarin, 

it’s the first time hearing such little translation from the interpreter)

My  10 seconds with Jungmin…
Always thought I wouldn’t be so nervous, but once I got near the stage I was shivering…
Jungmin, Hyunjoong and Hyungjun are different in their own ways…

Kim Hyungjun was the first member I got an autograph. 

During his signing session there were fans calling out his name and cheering for him. 

Hyungjun was very kind that he would sometimes answer back ‘Yess!!’ ‘Nado saranghae!!’ ‘woohooo!!’. 

He playfully made funny voice, listened well to what I said to him and then smiled. 

I like the way he shook hand, because it felt so sincere when he slightly squeezed his hand, 

really like it that he did it not only with hand but with his heart.

For Kim Hyunjoong , he was very focused on the person in front of him. 

His sign pen was running out of ink so his guard or helper (I’m not so sure) offered him a new pen but he didn’t take it. 

I shivered much much much that I could only mumbled a very short sentence and he just smiled. 

This time it was much faster than Hyungjun’s. And because it was so fast, I really treasure his attention.

Park  Jungmin was sooooo lively as he smiled a lot. It’s Jungmin style!

I repeated my words times after times till it was my turn standing in front of him. 

I wanted to encourage him so much that I kept talking…and it was so nice of him that after he signed the CD,

he looked up, listened carefully and smiled then said gomawoyo~ …

we did a high-five before I got off the stage.

I was at the almost end of the line, so after I got down I and my friends waited at the back. 

Jungmin bid good-bye to the fans at the venue before heading back to the waiting room and later back up the escalator.

 I took a video of him receiving fan’s plush toy, it was a Carrot !! ^^
He was adorable waving bye-bye to all directions, all the way till he went out of my sight….


How could we not love him, Park Jungmin ?
He’s probably  one of the most adorable persons in the world kekekeke.

[As shared by So-in via e-mail to Imuyachan]

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