[Schedule|Update] SS501 members summary activities!

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Event, schedule

I know I’ve been busy, so to remind all of us, here’s a summary of the boys’ schedule / near future activities :

HJL (HyunJoong Leader)

HJL is said to still focus to his acting expansion. He’s now doing JangNan SeuReon Kiss drama which will have its finale on Oct 21,2010.


B2M said Saeng-ee will release solo album early next year


B2M said that Kyu is getting numerous drama calls and will have his acting activities again in no time


He was down due to fatigue on 12 Oct and was even brough to ER bcoz of it yet he’s currently resting at home.

Jungmin is said to have acting n singing activities altogether. Jungmin will start his musical schedule “KIZUNA” on 18-23 Nov in Japan, then he’ll release a solo album this coming 25 Nov (Fan Meeting 27 Nov) and will have acting activities starting early 2011.

HJB (HyungJoon Baby)

HJB will still be doing Radio DJ for SBS Music High. He will do musical activities called “Cafe-in” starting November in Korea and Japan.

Source : Quainte501


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