[Give Away] Get the chance to win SS501 ‘SUPER HITS!’ CD

Posted: October 11, 2010 in giveaway

Annyeonghaseyo ^^

The 1st giveaway project from MarinaStory is officially started!!

Previously, I promised my Twitter follower that I will do SS501 give away ^^ And now, I keep my promise right ? ^^

Anyway, the reason I start this giveaway project is simply because I want to spread more of SS501 love ^^ And because previously I tweet you that my job is getting heavier so I can’t blog as often as I usually did U_U So, I will prob do more giveaway in return.

For now, I will do SS501 ‘SUPER HITS!’ Giveaway as the 1st project! [Click here to see the giveaway CD]

How to join the project? Read away!

Terms & Conditions:

1. You should be one of my follower on Twitter. If you haven’t, follow me @imuyachan

[I will DM you if u win, so u need to follow me]

2. Leave a comment for this post with details as follow :

~ Name

~ your Twitter Id

~ your country

~ who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him! ONLY 1 & not more okay? ^^

3. No spamming! Multiple responds will NOT be counted

I will randomly choose the winner, so pray a lot ^^ This is the 1st giveaway project, if I see good feedbacks, I will continue the project !

This give away will be closed on Oct 11,2010 at 23:59 Korea Time.
I am choosing the winner NOW, will announced the winner by tomorrow so stay tune!
The winner will be announced at the soonest afterwards n will be announced via this post (blog) so make sure u comeback and check it!

Your comment will appear after getting my approval, so, if you already click the post/submit button, nothing to worry though u can’t see your comment right away, it’s just queuing for my approval ^^ so, no need to repost comment ^^

The winner is :  Kimberlee from Singapore! (Twitter id : kimmey_09)  I will DM you for details! CONGRATS!!!!

I will soon held another give away so do follow me on Twitter for quick daily updates and this blog for more SS501 love!

Have fun in expressing your love towards the boys coz u might attract my attention ^^



  1. Margaretha says:

    ~ Name : Margaretha Indah Putri
    ~ Twitter Id : @Meggi3E27
    ~ country : Indonesia
    ~ my favorite member and the reason why i like him!
    HEO YOUNG SAENG.. cuz whenever i see his smile and heard his voice it’s make my day become bright when im in bad mood..

  2. Nisa says:

    Name: Nisa

    Twitter Id: @nisaho

    Country: Singapore

    Favorite member: HJL Hyunjoong!! Because his 4D nature and cute laughing fits are just too adorable and irresistable!! And he has that charisma when performing on stage! 🙂 Especially when he does his ‘jittjoong’ during persona~! HOTNESS!

  3. kimberlee says:

    Name: Kimberlee

    your Twitter Id: kimmey_09

    your country: Currently in Singapore

    who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him:

    Of all the members of SS501, I am very proud to say that my favorite member is Heo Young Saeng [허영생]. He may not be the leader of the group, nor the one with a lot of exposure, but I can’t stop but notice his pure vocal talent. He is one of the singers that has the most beautiful singing voice. He sings songs with ease and full of passion. I always feel good whenever I listen to him. Aside from that, he’s also cute! His aegyo is to-die-for! Above all, his SMILE makes my day brighter.

  4. z says:

    Name-Siti farizah amin

    your Twitter Id-rrylol

    your country-malaysia

    my favorite member is PARK JUNGMIN..because he always made my day by his jokes..He’s got sexy charisma,he also hardworking,handsome,tall,talented he can sings,dances,acts he can do everything!!! I LOVE PARK JUNGMIN,,CEO park!

  5. clementin says:

    name: clementin
    twitter id: ClementinM
    country: Indonesia

    my favourite member is Kim Kyu Jong 😀 because i love his personality, he’s so polite, he’s patience, he’s so care to people around him, he’s so manly but also do cry, he never give up with the condition. yeah, for me he’s my role idol, i want to have a personality like his.

  6. ilkkb says:

    Name : Rahmadani Mutia
    Twitter Id : mydarkclouds
    Country : Indonesia

    my favorite member is Kim Hyung Jun. I love everything about him. I like his vocal, rapping skill, dancing skill. I also like his personality. And absolutely, i love his smile 🙂

  7. ezza says:

    ~ Name : ezza

    ~ your Twitter Id : @issza

    ~ your country : Singapore

    ~ who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him!

    Having to love all SS501 members, I specially like Kim Kyu Jong the most. The kind, lovable, gentle & care towards his hyungs & dongsaengs really melts my heart. And the person who bows 90 degrees & respects the eldery touches my heart. I used to believe that there’s no other man who will have this same kind attitude. I used to think that he’s just doing that cus there’s camera & he need to take care of his image. But as time passes by, I can see that it is his true self. This what makes me like him the most. ^^

  8. Futago Destiny says:

    Name: Joan
    Twitter Id: FutagoDestiny
    country: Singapore
    who’s your favorite member and 1 reason why i like him: Kim Hyung Jun coz he is always cheerful and never fails to make me laugh, luv his cute personality and his Music High is so addictive tat it makes me want to hear more of his voice

  9. yoke says:

    Name : Yoke Yee
    Twitter ID : yoke90
    Country : Malaysia

    My favourite out of the five is hyung jun! 😉
    i actually listen to his radio before i sleep sometimes and it gives me sweet dreams ❤
    sweet voice + hot body + cute look = perfect HJbaby ❤
    he's such a sweetie hottie cutie! forever 501 ❤

  10. Anima Mart says:

    Name: A N I M A

    Twitter id: A n i m a T a y l o r M a r t

    Country: U n i t e d K i n g d o m

    Fav Member and Why?

    I absolutly LOVE KIM HYUN JOONG LEADER!!!!!
    1) He can sing well.
    2) His dancing is AMAZING
    3) He speaks his mind- very straightforward but can be shy ❤
    4) He can play the guitar (acoustic, electric and the bass)
    5) He can play the piano fantastically
    6) He is funny- his cute 4D personality, never failes to make me smile
    7) He is versatile- he has done so many part-time jobs, he found his
    way in socity on his own from a very young age.
    8) An AWESOME leader! he is there when u need him, he helps out
    his band mate any way he can 🙂
    ans just because he is a very likeable person, who is funny and quirky and he is Unpredictable. He is not ashamed to show his emotions and that makes him very manly because not very men can do that.

    WOW! i have written a Lot.
    But there soo manyy reasons why K I M H Y U N J O O N G is amazing! ❤

  11. Jina says:

    Name: Jina

    your Twitter Id: jina_me

    your country: Singapore

    who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him:

    My favourite is Jung Min!! I love him because he’s one hilarious guy who caught my attention in Thanks for waking me up. He totally cracks me up at hitting people who disturbs him in his sleep just like me! KE KE KE. There isn’t any harm in that right.. since i’m just like mal~ ^^

  12. Lemoluv says:

    Name: Laura
    Twitter: lemoluv22
    Country: USA
    Fav member: My favorite member is Park Jung Min oppa because his confidence in himself and SS501 is so amazing to see as a Triple S!!! [: His love is infectious ^-^

  13. noizumi says:

    Novi Anne/Indonesia

    That’s an easy question. Kim Hyun Joong the leader of course. I like him cos he’s handsome. Ok every member ishandsome also. But there’s something bout him that made can’t take my eyes off of him… :p

  14. jeannie says:

    NAME: Jeannie

    TWITTER: superbang501

    COUNTRY: Canada

    My favourite member would be HYUNG JUN!!!!!! =D
    cuz i find him ADORABLE!!!!

    i want to say more of why i like him but only 1 so it’s so short

    GOOD LUCK TO all the other people entering
    and BIG BIG THANKS TO imuyachan 4 starting this give away

  15. shortywinkle says:

    Awwe tweeter only? Guess I can’t participate then. 🙂 goodluck on the participants!

  16. Linh says:

    Name: Linh

    Twitter: lynkmino

    Country: vietnam

    Fav member: My favorite member is Park Jung Min. I’m attracted by himself. He always makes me surprise ^^ … He’s so funny, so naughty, so sweet, good service with fans ❤ and his voice is so sweet 😡 😡 😡

  17. Yezenka says:

    Name: Yezenka

    Twitter: Chorgasm

    Country: Chile

    Fav member: YoungSaeng love with everything that is called heart. I love his voice, his face otter, hands, hair, love it completely. From the tip of your finger red hair to the foot.

  18. paulinita says:

    ~ Name: Paulina

    ~ your Twitter Id: paulinitastar

    ~ your country: Mexico

    ~ who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him!: My favorite member is Kim Hyung Jun ♥…

    I like Hyung Jun because his laugh, not smile, it´s so sincere and that noise that he does before laugh (as if he miss the air) makes me laugh too 😀

  19. tatavita says:

    # Name: Vita (Tata)
    # Twitter ID: @tatavita
    # Country: Indonesia
    # My Fav Member & Reason why I Like Him:
    —> is Kim KyuJong. Such many words to describe how much I like him, but in a simple words is because Kyu is one in a million, not many person like him in this world. He seems such a perfect person yet he has cons also. For me he’s cons is pros for me. I do like him with such pros & cons of him. Super nice humble guy with warmheart ^^.

  20. Cjae says:

    Name: Cjae
    Twitter ID: CEEHJAYE
    Country: Philippines
    Favorite Member: Kim Hyun Joong ♥

    Well, i like him because of his awesome acting and singing skills. ♥ His smile makes me melt ❤

  21. liliez143 says:

    Name : Auralie

    your Twitter Id: liliez143

    your country: Philippines

    who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him:

    I really love ss501 a lot and they are on top(first), that would be forever. But my favorite member is Young Saeng oppa, actually there so many reasons why i like him and why he is my favorite among all of them and its really hard to pick one reason why. Fortunately I got one best reason for me to choose why he is my favorite and that would be his expertise “HIS VOICE” against all the odds his voice will remains the same from the start till the end. He may be old as time goes by ;changing of appearance ; may be different in character off and on camera (I’d still like him no matter what) ;how he handle himself, still he had trade mark of his voice.

    His voice warmth’s my cold heart as he start to speak and start to sing.It makes my sad face turned it to smile, it was my light that starts to bright my darkest nights and stormy day.It so relaxing to hear his cold voice in times of stressful afternoon.It still tickling in my ear and mind even in my dreams.Its my inspiration every time I woke up every morning.~ahh~ there’s no one else like Young Saeng, very unique.Absolutely perfect 501%…

  22. jeanniekha says:

    Name: Jeannie

    Twitter: superbang501

    Country: Canada

    My favourite member would be HYUNG JUN!!!!
    cuz i find him ADORABLE!!!!!!

  23. OCygen says:

    ~ Name: Ocygezn

    ~ Twit: Ocygezn

    ~ Country: Viet Nam

    ~ Fav member: Kim Hyunjoong ssi ^^
    Because he makes me realise what i’m living for and never give up working because LIFE IS ONE PUNCH, there’s only one chance to live.

  24. ss501thelove says:

    Name Chunyen

    your Twitter Id lovelikethisx33

    your country singapore

    my favourite member is our 4D leader KIMHYUNJOONG! (: he is so super duper lovable and cute and has an awesome personality ^^ he is also really humorous in his own way as well as his 4D-ness. HJL is also a good leader~ his WGM with hwangbo as ssangchu couple was really entertaining too! there are many other reasons why i like HJL but these are just a few.. SS501 JJANG! ❤

  25. jerrimaine sy says:

    ~ Name : Jerrimaine Sy

    ~ your Twitter Id: @jerrimaine09

    ~ your country: Philippines

    ~ who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him! ONLY 1 & not more okay? ^^

    My favorite member is kim hyun joong because I started to know him in Boys over flowers. I admire his acting skills and singing. then I started listening to their songs. + he’s one of my favorite singers in SS501 🙂 + he’s handsome!

  26. jhane says:

    Name: Jhane

    Twitter Id: @nomnommon

    Country: Philippines

    Favorite member and Why: My favorite SS501 member is baby Hyungjun, there’s really no reason not to like him: he’s got a very beautiful voice and funny personality. He’s a perfect being, for me. Lol. He’s such a crybaby but I really like it.<3

    Thanks for the giveaway! More power to you!:))

  27. sara says:

    ~ Name: Sara

    ~ your Twitter Id: @9LilSa

    ~ your country: Saudi Arabia

    ~ who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him: Kim Hyung Joong of course!! He’s angle person OMG! I love him since stared 2006 I saw SS501 on my TV (Aranring) and I hope SS501 won’t disband or broke up. I’m sure support them
    SS501 Fighting!

  28. rebichu says:

    Name : Rebecca
    Twitter Id : @rebidubidu
    Country : Indonesia
    Fav member : HEO YOUNG SAENG
    Why ? : because he is soooo handsome . he’s cute and sexy too at the same time . really love his dimples when he smiles . kyaaaaa~ it makes me melting xDD

  29. June says:




    Favorite member is Park Jung Min, cause he can eat the raw carrot like a rabbit, though members say he look like horse. But still he’s cute!! :D:D

  30. mel_xo says:

    Name: Melinda

    Twitter ID: mel_B2UTY

    Country: Australia

    Fav member: Leader Kim Hyun Joong. I love his 4D-ness and how he’s always so straight forward about everything. And also his great voice and handsome looks. ^^

    Thank you for having this giveaway ~

  31. YehYee92 says:

    Name : Lee Yeh Yee
    twitter ID : YehYee92
    Country : Malaysia
    Reason : My bias is actually Kim Hyung Jun. I love Hyung Jun baby because of his powerful vocals. He’s also a good dancer. SS501 members once agreed that Hyung Jun baby is the atmosphere maker in the band. He has a funny character. Plus he is like a family man which means he loves his family a lot. This is proved when he and KiBum Of U-Kiss have good relationship. They’re so close and Hyung Jun baby always help his brother. I just love Hyung Jun baby unconditionally 🙂

  32. YuL_HJL10 says:

    ~ Name : Yuliana Tandra

    ~ your Twitter Id : YuL_HJL10

    ~ your country : Indonesia

    ~ who’s your favorite member and tell me 1 reason why u like him: KIM HYUN JOONG…the most reason why i really like him ( or maybe already falling in love…kkk) because Hyun Joong is really the first Korean Artist can make me so falling in love to him,,i dunno why how can that things can happen..its really like crazy girl all day just thinking n searching about his news n when i know he’s member of SS501 too make me more like him..i like naturally side from him…not overacting when on camera n very down to earth person..n of course SS501 is the first korean boyband can make me so full in love to their each personality n their songs , variety shows..ahh really cant describe with well n more coz my english skills not really good..kkk..^^

  33. Aprilia Grace says:

    Aprilia Grace



    My favorite member is Kim Kyu Jong, because I’ve never found a guy who really cares to other like him. He is the man whom woman can be comfortable with. His warm, his politeness, He’s just so perfect for me^^

  34. Cath says:

    Name : Catharine
    Twitter Id : @cath501
    Country : Indonesia
    My favorite member : Leader Kim Hyun Joong
    Because he always makes me smile with his cheerful and 4D way.
    And I like him bcause he’s very honest and always openly speak up what’s on his mind.
    Keep working hard to reach his dream. I hope he’ll always happy (づ^。^)づ ♪♪♪♪~~

  35. Lindy says:

    Name: Lindy
    Twitter: lindy_goh
    Country: Singapore

    Favourite member: Kim Hyun Joong becuase his actions are the funniest.. he is also not the type that would force people to say good things about him.. He would also say the most truthful things.. his actions are always the ones that would least expect of him to say.. he also really care about his brothers.. they are like a family.. 🙂