[Update] SS501 Kim Hyungjoon Fan Meeting in Malaysia 9Oct2010 is officially cancelled!

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Event
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I have read this last night, I don’t know why, but I don’t feel surprised as I knew this will happen after the previous postponement. I also tweet to Jun saying how sad I am because of the cancellation yet I am just sad for not being able to meet him in person. Geneses say that they will give full refund, so better send in your form as requested above.

For clearer info, just check out their site here

  1. Kimz says:

    huuuu~ .. feel sorry to everyone =.= … but don’t give up!
    sooner or later we will be able to meet our beloved HJB ! fTS fighting! ^^

  2. Regine says:

    omg, please make the Fan Meeting like after 12th OCT, pmr is till 12th OCT. D:

  3. eleven says:

    i hope baby still coming but not with gde~

  4. SSZA says:

    why i dont i feel suprise at all?it seems like most of the time this kinda thing would happen whenever SS501 supposed to come to malaysia.just look at their persona concert!hmppphh -.-

  5. SSaLinYs says:

    I already payed for V.I.P ticket to meet him. Although I’m youngsaeng bias, I always support SS501! Sad he not come here.

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