[News] SS501 Park Jungmin signs with Yamaha for Japan activities 17Sept2010

Posted: September 18, 2010 in info

SS501 member Park Jung-min has signed with a Japanese entertainment company to manage his solo career in Japan, according to a press release by the singer’s agency CNR Media on Friday.

After flying into Japan yesterday, Park held an official press conference with media outlets in the country today, announcing that he has signed with Japan’s Yamaha Group’s Yamaha Music Entertainment.

He also spoke about his plans for the country which includes opening his official Japanese website, releasing a pictorial and DVD, holding a fan meeting in December as well as unveiling his first solo album in 2011.

Park made his debut as one of the members of the popular boy group SS501 in 2005. Outside of his group activities, he appeared in various television shows as well as starring in the musical “Grease.”

He is currently in preparations to kick off his solo career in Korea by releasing an album in November after having newly signed with CNR last month. His group’s contract with former agency DSP Media expired in early June.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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  1. asemisiko says:

    i miss ss501

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