[Twitter] SS501 Kim Kyujong joined Twitter and his Tweets’ Trans as per 13Sep2010!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in twitter
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OMG! Slowly but sure, more n more of SS501 members joining Twitter! Today, 13 Sept 2010, our forever center Kim KyuJong officially joined Twitter with the id : @2kjdream ^^

As he joined the twitterverse,  he Tweets a lot LOL ^^ I love him for this !

In his timeline, as u read, Kyu mentioned about how Leader doesn’t want to use Twitter coz it’s hard! Okay, few conclusions about that tweet :

1. It’s confirming the un-legit account of @actorhyunjoong who’s posting as leader in Twitter. The person also puts Leader official website and this has made people confuse. (Though, TS already know, as Leader doesn’t want to be called as actor YET). But, it’s clear, it’s NOT leader who owns the account as Kyu already confirm it.

2. The boys are still communicating each other despite the fact that they’re no longer under the same company ^^ I know my boys will still maintain good relationship despite those rumors, yet, it’s so relieve to hear this from the boys themselves ^^

Anyway, I still put my fingers crossed n hope to see Leader Hyunjoong in twitter ^^

Thank you Kyu for joining n gives us direct updates ^^

Love our Forever Center and drop him some “Hi” at his official twitter account here

  1. So-in says:

    so happy and exciting………
    now I’m counting on them to persuade their leader to join
    this is like 80% of the fun and the craze..hahaa~
    imagine Hyunjoong is in—

    Thank you !!!!

  2. ella says:

    annyong..i like your blog.SS501 news is update here.i’ll come often… 🙂

  3. ella says:

    from google.i’m googling SS501 update news.. 🙂

  4. SSZA says:

    hahahaha…i have the same reason like hyun joong as to why i dont join twitter up till now!!!^^

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