[Twitter|Fan Project] #weloveyouss501 is #1 on Twitter Trending topic 10Sept2010!

Posted: September 11, 2010 in fan project, twitter

Click for a bigger view ^^

I was on twitter yday, when I see Quainte501’s xiaochu RT a trending topic project, I have no idea that this sudden slash unplanned project will hit 1st position! Haha.. I even tweeted xiaochu to ask the time period, she just say, let’s do it for another hour (it was ’till 6 pm KST if I am not mistaken ^^).

I was at the mall when this trending project done, yet, I managed to help the project by tweeting my reason of loving SS501 ^^ It was a successful one, and all TS should have proud of themselves ^^

I believe our boys aware of this, as I tweeted the  pic when #weloveyouss501 was at 2nd place and send it to SS501 producer Mr.Steven Lee ^^ Hoped he told them ^^

So many people helping TS to reach 1st position , from TSJ (TripleS Japan) @hirominnie43 and @yachin501 until SS501 song writer @seanalexander23 also helped us as captured on the below screen caps!

This is a nice project and hope to do this more often as our boys (okay only 3 of them Tweeting but still ^^) are actively tweeting now ^^

TS JJang!

  1. So-in says:

    it’s such a nice of him….
    I’m happy that SS501 knows these nice people…
    really wanna thank them—

    I’m happy that they are what they are…
    because they’ve always been like this…that’s probably why they are loved so much like this
    ..awww sentimental mode so-in…

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