[Update|Twitter] Prince Youngsaeng can’t seem to avoid the Twitter Fever!

Posted: September 6, 2010 in twitter
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As I tweet few days ago, our prince Youngsaeng is also tweeting now ! He uses : mystyle1103 for his Twitter id.

Go under the cut for his Tweets’ Trans ^^

Saeng-ee firstly tweet his photo taken in Las Vegas on 4Sept2010!

Saeng-ee Tweet : 108층 에서 바라본 전경~~ 라스베가스에서..^^

Trans : View from the 108th floor in Las Vegas .. ^ ^

Then he tweet again a photo of him with Kyu n Steven Lee on 5Sept2010

Seng-ee Tweet : with Steven and Kyujong in Las Vegas 기념사진찰칵!!

Trans : with Steven and Kyujong in Las Vegas this photo is to commemorate!

Then saeng-ee tweets again on 6Sept2010!

Saeng-ee Tweet : 지빈이한테조금배웠지만..솔직히이거 어떻게하는건지모르겠다ㅡㅡ

세대에안뒤쳐질라고해볼라했는데;; 이거이상하게할줄은몰라도자꾸틀게되네ㅡㅡ

베터리완전빨리달던데.. 이거트위터라는게그냥이렇게혼자글쓰는거맞겠지?ㅋ

Rough Trans : I learned from JiBin (Actor Park JiBin) a little, but, honestly I don’t know how to do this–

Then Saeng-ee tweets to JiBin on 6Sept2010

Saeng-ee Tweet : 이렇게하면되는거냐?

Trans : Is this how we do it?

Source : Heo Youngsaeng Twitter , ENG Trans : imuyachan for MarinaStory

  1. Lissa says:

    thanks for translating!

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