[Photos|Blog] Kyujong supports his uncle’s Mulberry Tea!

Posted: August 24, 2010 in photo spread
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Kyu’s uncle posted a pic on his blog on Aug 19 & 24, when Kyu visiting him!!

Kyu also seen drinks his company newest product – “Mulberry Tea”. Kyu’s uncle owned a company named DongHun Food – a company that produces healthy product.

Kyu’s uncle also thanked Kyu’s fans for always loving him and asked us to pay attention to him in the future.

Imuyachan : No worries uncle, we will ^^ So happy to see Kyu having time to visit his relatives ^^

Uncle wrote,”It’s not beer, yet, the color similar to MaekJu a.k.a Korean beer. It’s a Mulberry Tea.”

The so called Mulberry Leaf Tea made!

Imuyachan : Mulberry tea is great for you and most notably for the treatment of Diabetes and as an anti-oxidant. It also has a great flavor.

Source : here + here


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