[Info] SS501 Kim Hyungjoon to move to S-Plus Entertainment?

Posted: August 19, 2010 in info
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Today, So-in text me about this news spreaded in various korean site, so I take a look and see that around 30 news per each site talked about HJB joining S-Plus Entertainment issue!

All news almost similar in terms of info. Read away to see what the reporters wrote!

News 1 : posted by consumer times at 18 Aug – 17.58 Korea time

The news say that SS501 Kim Hyungjoon will join several artists such as actor Kang JiHwan, singer  Ju SongMo as he joined S-Plus Entertainment.

As quoted from OSEN official, it is reported that Kim Hyungjoon is under preparation to transfer to a new company.

It is also said that S-Plus plans to gain more recognition in Asia continent and  it will be good to have Kim Hyungjoon in the company.

S-Plus official,” We haven’t reach the level of discussing an exclusive contract, yet, we have discussed about his activities plan in Japan.”

Recently, SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong moved to Bae Yongjoon’s company KeyEast, while other member Park Jungmin has moved to CNR Media, and now people are interested about the remaining members’ status.

source : consumertimes

News 2 : posted by jkn at 18 Aug – 19:33 korea time


Kang Jihwan and singer Jo SungMo’s management S-Plus Entertainment is said in the midst of getting SS501 Kim Hyungjoon to their company.

S-Plus Ent. official,”We haven’t reach the level of discussing an exclusive contract, yet, we have discussed about his activities plan in Japan. However, we haven’t discuss about the domestic activities.”, he said.

It is said that S-Plus Entertainment is trying to get the recognition from Asia countries and sees that Kim Hyungjoon is very popular (also in Japan) and he’s one of the Hallyu Star so they decide to offer him a contract.

Kim Hyungjoon’s contract is already expired with previous company DSP Media and it is said that for his domestic activities, he gets many offers from various company.

And, also recently other SS501 members Kim Hyunjoong and Park Jungmin were moved to new companies.


source : jkn

  1. a says:

    goodluck to hyungjoon

  2. sweetpotato>> says:

    i still don’t get this..
    so, how about SS501??
    are they still in ss501??
    jung min n hyun joong..

    • So-in says:

      Yes of course they are ^^
      these boys always say they are SS501 (in their diary/letter)
      please continue to cheer for them….yeayyy~

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