[Magz] SS501 on the front cover of Teens Magz Singapore!

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Magz

Teens Magazine is putting our boys on the front cover of the magz (alongwith another cover option with CN Blue).

According to my SG contributor So-In :

The magz’ story was updated until leader’s official news with KeyEast and that another member would also sign with other agency (They didn’t mention jungmin’s name tho).

And the magz mentioned about BOF that its like double-sided sword to them since it had brought them loads of popularity but also made leader a center of focus. With the contract ended and offering from more appealing deal and all the CF are aiming him to be an embassador. So it seemed like he’ll shine more being solo.

And mentioned some of the fans blamed DSP for poor promotional management and that now the group’s status is still unknown.

That’s about all it is in the magz. They also have 5 Destination album giveaway for readers.

Thanks So-In for the tip!


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