[Breaking News] SS501 Park Jungmin leaves DSP Media and join CNR Media!

Posted: August 11, 2010 in info
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Today, MarinaStory contributor SoIn told me that Jungmin already released official statement that he’s joining this new company named CNR MEDIA owned by Taiwan’s Comic-ritz and Korea’s ROY MEDIA through his diary on DSP official site.

So, I go and check the info, and here you go!

Jungmin wrote his diary via DSP site and told the fans by himself. he wrote that the reason of him writing the diary is because he promised Triple S that he’ll tell us first when a decision has been made. He also says on his diary that he will always be SS501’s Park Jungmin and that he will work hard in the future and going to show a more gorgeous image for the fans.

The news release  also said that the reason of him joining CNR Media is because he wants to expand his wings to the Asia continent.

Park Jungmin is currently having a break yet also in the midst of a training and prepare his image transformation.

Meanwhile, the remaining 3 members : Kyu, HJB and Saeng-ee are said in the midst of discussion w/ the new agencies.

Rumor 1 : There’s also a rumor saying that Kyu & Saengee are in the midst of discussion of a contract with the company owned by famous singer named ‘ L’ ( is it Lynn? ). And, the 3 of them are also rumored getting some offer from CNR Media.

Rumor 2 : Yet, the news also said that DSP stated that all 5 members are leaving the company yet, if 5 of them wants to work under the name SS501, it will be under DSP Media. (??)

Meanwhile, the rep of each HJL and JM said that these 2 will prioritize SS501’s activities despite the boys are no longer in the same company.

Rumor 3 : It also said the boys will carry on their activities together in the future yet maybe under different/new name since SS501 are owned by DSP Media.

Source : various source+DSP Media , ENG Summary : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

Imuyachan : If I wrote it’s a rumor means no one has been giving any confirmation, so, the info might be changed in the future. Anyway, It will be hard for me if they use new name, but, it’s better than to see them separate ^^ I wonder if Kyu and Saeng-ee signed to a Japanese company since we saw them with huge luggage alone (read: no bodyguard) at Haneda airport ???? Curious much…

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