[TV] Kim Hyunjoong – MBC One Good Day 02Aug2010 [ENG Trans]

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Advertisement, tv show
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Credit : blurinse@egloos + (Eng.Translation ) Ode’s Blog

Recently KimHyunjoong has turned to become on par (in terms of advertising modelling ambassador fees) as Hallyu star Bae Yongjoon. He isn’t losing out to Bae Yongjoon in any way now.

[Q] How many adverts. have you roughly shot for until now (in 2010)

[A] About 4~5 (sure~~~~~ more than that!!!)

[Q] Who will be the happiest in receiving the $?
[A] First and foremost of course me. And then agency (he laughs). And the people who reaps the most…should be the people around me (right)

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