[Photo] SS501 Heo Youngsaeng as per 23July2010!

Posted: July 29, 2010 in photo spread
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I found these pics posted in Cyworld by Park InAh.

As date written, it is taken as per 23 July 2010!

Park InAh only wrote :

5 people forever is One! And something about leader HJ new “Playful Kiss MBC Drama”  on Sept 1,2010.

or is Saengee was at his Lasik surgery place ?? Will informed u the soonest I get info ^^

  1. SoIn says:

    so it’s now left Jungminni who still needs to wear glasses….hmmmmm
    i was like hmm??? when these 3 started having a lisik surgery one by one during the past month
    ^^ good for them hehe…so no need to tolerate dry eyes during late night schedule

    be healthy and happy SS501 !!!

    thank u dear~

  2. […] when I posted this? When I posted it, I didn’t know where n what YoungSaeng did at that place and at that time, […]

  3. jelyn says:

    hi…you are a real youngsaeng ?nice 2 meet you

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