[Snapshot] SS501 SaengJoon is feeling lazy & sleepy!

Posted: July 18, 2010 in photo
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Source : Posted on July 15,2010 by Seo YeRin @ Cyworld

Imuyachan : Is it juz me, or magnae’s wardrobe is the same which he wears at Vivito launching event?

Yet, this one is with tie~ and, the posting date is also the same.

I wonder what HJB n Saeng-ee’s schedule at above pic ^^

  1. baby was so tired, i guess…he was sleepy during the vivito too…
    and awwww…saengie ah~~~ how can someone look so cute while sleeping?

    tq for the pix n updates!!

  2. SSZA says:

    hahahaha…omg u’re rite!saeng looks good with his hair like that!n baby’s hair is………. O.o

  3. SoIn says:

    I like how Youngsaengi push his foot against the table haha~
    but who’s gonna use it after you ?? Youngsaengi….that person’s shirt is gonna get the dirt from your shoe….keke ^^

    yeaa what was the schedule ???

    now i am sleepy too….gotta find something sour to eat ^^
    thank u dear for sharing

  4. kyucute says:

    …bad boy ha..ha.ha saengi oppa.

  5. fellyz says:

    Hehe… they might be very tired, so caught a nap during break time ^^
    Look at their costumes, that’s their schedule in Japan for BOF Fan meeting on April 16,2009

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