[Info] SS501 strong popularity in Taiwan has confirmed!

Posted: July 18, 2010 in info

Despite the groups unclear status, SS501‘s strong popularity in Taiwan has confirmed. 

Though SS501 recently hit with short promo activities for recently released album “destination” , leader Hyunjoong’s shocking “Moving to a new agency” news and their contract expires’s issue, their new abum “Destination’ has successfully notch the top position of Taiwan’s music charts.

Their album which was released in Taiwan as per 26 June, already received a Platinum award. Their album ranked #1 and #2 in G-Music and Five-Music album sales charts.

In addition, WARNER MUSIC in Taiwan released A & B  versions of the ‘DESTINATION’ album, and  Taiwan’s largest online shopping mall (http://www.books.com.tw/) also noted that the A version album has notched top position on their weekly album sales chart for 1 month from June 8-July 8, while the B version is doing good in 3rd and 4th position alternately.

The album is also chart-ing from #2-#5 on Taiwan’s online music charts of The ezPeer & KKBOX. And the group’s title single “Love Ya” also doing good on TWM, FET and Emome mobile charts.

It is confirmed that SS501 together with Super Junior are the most popular international star in Taiwan.


Meanwhile, Hyunjoong leader’s new agency KeyEast says, “Though there’s still contract issues for the other members, but they always want to continue their activities as a group,” he said.

Source : 유순호 suno@metroseoul.co.kr (link) + (link2)

ENG Trans by Imuyachan@ Marinastory.wordpress.com 

Do not edit/add the credit line if reposted!


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