SS501 Leader Hyunjoong vs CN Blue Jung YongHwa for ‘Mischievous Kiss’ Male Lead!

Posted: July 7, 2010 in info
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There is intense competition among stars to get the male lead for drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted at the 2nd half of this year, is made into drama from a Japanese comic that sold 27 million copies in Japan alone.

Young actors who are currently gaining a lot of attention such as Lee MinHo, Kim HyunJoong and Jung YongHwa, are some of the actors discussed for the male lead.

Lee MinHo has revealed his intension with “I have no plan to take part.” Kim HyunJoong has debut successfully as an actor through ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Jung YongHwa also gained a lot of popularity through drama ‘You’re beautiful’ and group CN Blue.

Production Group Eight revealed “We are currently at the final stages to finalize, we have not confirmed who would be casted for the roles yet.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ which became a hot topic as to whether Kim HyunJoong will be casted, continues to draw attention on who would play the female lead.

Group Eight who will be the production crew for ‘Mischievous Kiss’, they have created a craze with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which is made from the same titled Japanese comic also named as the bible in romance comics, each and every time any news related to this drama is released, it has gained extensive interests.

Kim HyunJoong, who has recently moved to another management company, has raised a hot topic as a potential candidate for the male lead. Park BoYoung, girl group Kara’s Han SeungYeon, Park Shin Hye, Chungmuro ShinAe Baek JinHee, have all been discussed to be playing opposite him.

Drama representative said “Recently, we are comparing between Han SeungYeon and Park ShinHye. Seems like it would be one of these two.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ which shows the love stories among the youthful stars, will be directed by Hwang InRoi who also directed for ‘Goong’, ‘Ijimae Returns’.
It is scheduled to be broadcasted after ‘Road No. 1’.

Source : cnews + osen + SS601

Trans by : xiaochu @

Imuyachan : I wud love to see HJL n SeungYeon in 1 drama, but, I always see them like sis-bro relationship, if they ever be paired in this drama..i will def feel awkward, n I think they’re too?

  1. So-in says:

    hehe yeaa me too…
    Hyunjoong & Seungyeon really catch my attention
    but I always see them as Oppa & dongsaeng so it would be a bit weird for me to imagine hehe….
    anyway hope everything comes out fine no matter who got the roles ^^

    • Imuyachan says:

      yeahhhh ..same here…these 2 are like oppa, to see them playing lover role is a bit..weird? but, i think, i will feel better to see HJL n Ham got together than 2 c HJL w/ other girls LOL

  2. Kiss says:

    Go Leader! can’t wait to watch him in a drama. ~~

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  4. dbsknewluv says:

    i don’t know why they choose the other girl…

    park shin hye is a lot better in my opinion…her acting is very good but i don’t say the other is bad too..

    i jux prefer park shin hye more

    w/e leader will be the main one so i can’t wait to see this drama..

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