[Updates] Key East will support SS501 group activity if HJL wants them to do so!

Posted: July 5, 2010 in info

K Bites just done this trans, which made me and I believe all TS a bit relieved.

The new agency to singer actor Kim HyunJoong voiced about the future plans to SS501, “We will support the decision of Kim HyunJoong.”

On KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly aired on 3rd July, an official from Key East was featured for a phone interview. It was known that SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong has signed up with Key East previously on 29th June for an exclusive contract. SS501 previously came back with a new album last month but ended promotional activities for it after just 2 weeks. With Kim HyunJoong moving to a new agency, there has been great interests as to the future plans for the remaining 4 members.

The Key East rep commented, “Currently, Kim HyunJoong wishes to continue his group activities. We will support his decisions no matter what it is. Even if it is group activities, we will give him our full support.”

Meanwhile, recently member Park JungMin came out to clarify on rumours that he has signed with Taiwan Sony Music.

S: TVReport + K Bites

Imuyachan : Thanks my dear Sookyeong for the translation!! I was hoping to read or hear such statement from KeyEast n I am glad they say this… Let’s hope for the best…

Read HJL moving to KeyEast news here , and JungMin’s recent diary explains his moving rumors here

  1. Annie B. says:

    Everything will be settled soon. KHJ has it all planned out as long as all the parties concerned cooperate and collaborate . People just did not trust enough .Well now,everybody relax ,ok /

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