[Diary] Kim Hyungjoon new message on 21.06.2010 “SS501″ {Reposting Not Allowed}

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Diary
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Okay, many of us are super worried about SS501 due to their finished contract with DSP.

Knowing us well, magnae Hyungjoon, posted a diary on June 21,2010 saying that the boys will be forever as one.

So, I guess, we can relax now, whether they’ll stay with DSP or not, at least they won’t be separated ^^

SS501 Manse~!!!!!

  1. SoIn says:

    ^____^ Manse !!!!!!!!
    will be as strong as i could so i can be a strength for them
    fighting TripleS !!!!!
    fighting SS501 !!!!!

  2. Cherryxl0ve says:

    Really great to know that they will be forever as one 😀
    Hope to see the five of them have more activities in the near future.
    SS501 Fighting! ^^

  3. jeew says:

    I just watch the x concert on the youtube and I saw some of the member cry but I don’t understand what they say. I hope they are not going to break the group.

  4. Kimz says:

    yeah! because it’s 5-0-1 !! ^^
    let’s be together with Triple S forever! hehe..
    & thanks Imuyachan again&again ^^

  5. polaristar says:

    yup, they cried hard imuyachan..now all the fans ; triple S dont have to be worried about them cos they are going to be together till the end..lets all put TRUST and LOVE to double S 501..! aja2 fighting..! tq imuyachan for having this great blog..i love your blog..=)

  6. SSZA says:

    omg,i watched the x concert that they held for triple s n i cried as soon as Kyu Jong started tearing up!i dont want them to split up TT.TT GOD,THIS IS WORSE THAN SAD KOREAN DRAMA!

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