[DSP|Message] SS501 ended “Love Ya” promotion as of 13.06.2010 despite winning K-Chart 18.06.2010!

Posted: June 20, 2010 in dsp media

Now I know what the boys meant by saying “Love Ya” promo will be shorter than Love Like This when I read this message >.< (click here for bigger and clearer view)

Good news is SS501 was #1 in KBS Music Bank K-chart 18.06.2010 despite their absence on the show >.<

I am sad, but I trust them! They say they will always together forever n I can’t wait ’till I hear their official statement regarding their togetherness ! And, I think we still have hopes by seeing DSP message saying ‘Looking forward to TS support in the future’ (last line) right?

I know DSP isn’t the best company out there, but, somehow, I do hope SS501 will stay there. But, any decisions will do me good as long as they’re together!

We will trust them, coz we know SS501 loves us this much (as captioned below!)

  1. A says:

    awww I wonder what’s going to happen? anway I like the new look of ur blog imuyachan.

  2. SSZA says:

    its the same with me too…as long as they’re together,its fine with me if they stayed in dsp or move to other companies!i cant bear to watch them getting separated 😦 p/s i’m still feeling touched even when i saw them did the bow for a zillion times already!

  3. iane says:

    . . hi, there was 1 interview with HJL here in the philippines, wherein he stated that, after their 5th album, they will all have solo careers. im a bit confused, though, because they have more than 5 albums right?

    • Imuyachan says:

      well.. the boys only have 1 full album, others are mini album or special album..so , maybe leader refers that after SS501 released 5th album in the future they will all do solo career… but i don’t know.. coz i haven’t see the interview..will let u know if I get any info…

      • iane says:

        . . yeahp yeahp.. im saddened hearing that from him.. i hope im wrong about that.. geeez.. thank u!

  4. Annie B. says:

    Whatever they decide to do individually I’m sure they also considered their group as well . It is their career decision – I will be happy for them and still follow their developments. I will give them my full support and wish them all the best .

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