[Photos] SS501 tvN – X Concert 13.06.2010! And, why they cry?

Posted: June 16, 2010 in English, Event, photo spread, tv show
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Previously I posted [tv] ss501 for tvn newton 13.06.2010 !

So, SS501 was giving a surprise appearance for tvN music show called Newton’s Music Concert “X Concert” and also met their fans via a fan meeting at the same place on the 13th of June 2010.

The fan meeting took place at Time Square , Seoul from 20:00 local time. Besides Fan Meeting, the event also included video conferencing.The boys shared their feelings towards each member , their hardship, their happiness and their worries of loosing fans and their gratitude towards TS’ support up until now which made them all cry in the end.Overall, SS501 wants all TS to trust them and they will be together forever. Yet, they also say sorry for an even shorter promotion for Love Ya compare to LLT (I am still confuse ’bout this, will update if I found any). They also say sorry for not being able to commit to their previous promise which was to release 2nd full album. Jungmin didn’t say much, he was actually the one who cried hard and couldn’t say anything followed by Kyu at 2nd place for crying super hard. All 5 were crying hard, yet, these 2 were the top 2.

Ss501 sings “Love Ya” and other popular songs from the group make it a total of 8 songs at the event.

Source : 이은지 onbge@newsen.com ; Imuyachan @ MarinaStory for Eng Trans.

Go under the cut for more snapshots!

Group Pics

Solo shots in age order

  1. lunalesreveur says:

    haru! ^^ thanks for sharing…

    one of the main reasons is that they’ve been always breaking their promises to fans – Triple S… about the 501 day.. they were not able to comeback on the exact day, and about the 2nd full album.. instead they just release another mini album…

    apart from this i feel that they are sorry for a lot of things.. they’ve also noticed that their fans are decreasing.. as time goes they’ve dealt with solo activities and diff ambitions..and it’s really sad..

    sorry for having this long msg… i just feel like writing.. but for me, i have no regrets supporting SS501.. it’s been a year for me as a Triple S… but it still feels like i’ve been supporting them since their debut… i will just trust what Leader im Hyun Joong said, Believe in us, 501.. ^^

    .. and i will keep on supporting them whatever their activities in the future are… ^^

  2. mas says:

    Hmm…. I am speechless. five years anniversary, and yet, this is what they did. Crying, saying sorry and mini concert. Kind weird too, to see mal crying so much. He hardly cries, and show sadness, but yet, he cried hardly during this fanmeeting. Whatever it is, I will still continue supporting them.

  3. meeyzha says:

    + LLT..
    + stands for Love Like This..
    + 🙂

  4. polaristar says:

    whatever happens in the future, Triple S will always support you whole-heartedly..no worries to all of you, double S..your mini album is good enough to ‘attract’ fans to give you lots of love and support..! keep your Destination stay ahead throughout the journey till the end..~

  5. […] Remember when I posted news about them being all cry in front of their fans during the Newton X Concert ? […]

  6. beyond birthday says:

    they’re coming back next year (2011) for sure! :))

  7. Phyu Zin BEE says:

    I will stand for SS501 forever ,whatever they are happening .

    FIGHTING ! …SS501……….

    we will love and stand for you forever……………………………………….

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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