[TV] SS501 #1 on KBS Music Bank 11.06.2010! TripleS Manse! SS501 Manse!

Posted: June 11, 2010 in tv show
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Congrats my boys! Thanks for thanking us like that!

Thanks for saying “TripleS Manse”!

Thanks for saying “SS501 Manse” as it will strengthen our faith that all of u won’t be separated!

HJB looked super happy! He kept saying thank you to us ^^

We thanked you all too magnae ^^ For being SS501 and giving us great songs!

So girls? Are you ready for another throne?

Coz our SS501 boys will definitely grab ’em ^^

(“Manse” means Hurray! Viva!Yippee!)

  1. So-in says:

    Mansae !!!!!!!!!!
    we share the same thought dear…
    and I’m so happy to see them happy today
    really worth all the effort right ??

    will keep up with my part…i wanna see them as happy as it could be
    TripleS Mansae SS501 Mansae !!!!!!!!


  2. A says:

    awesome!! they deserve it!! more power to the boys!!!

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