Bae Yongjoon’s company confirmed that SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong is not joining the company!

Posted: June 9, 2010 in fyi
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Rumors saying that SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong will join top actor Bae YongJoon’s agency has been confirmed to be untrue.

A rep of Bae Yongjoon’s agency says via a phone conversation on Jan 7 to Asia GyeongJe, “We didn’t sign anything with Mr. Kim Hyunjoong. Yes, they have met before yet as a friend and there’s no contract or anything, he said.

Due to SS501 end of contract with current company DSP Entertainment, there has been many rumors spreaded saying that Kim Hyunjoong will joined the company owns by Bae Yongjoon after being spotted to have several secret meetings with Bae Youngjoong.Yet, on June 7, Bae Yongjoon’s rep has denied the rumours.


Meanwhile, after Boys over Flowers, Kim Hyunjoong is not only known as a singer but also known as a successful actor.

Source : Asia Gyeongje

  1. rIEn says:

    kak, aq izin copy paste ya,
    nanti pazti di tulis sumber dan creditnya..

  2. ella says:

    i’m happy to hear that…..really worry about their contract….

  3. Shirley says:

    Happy to hear that too … Thanks GOd !!

  4. gigikusakit says:

    huh!! gw tau kim hyunjooong ga akan ninggalin ss501!!
    mereka itu udh kyk sodara!

  5. Bamboo says:

    When will the reporters stop hurting Triple S’s heart? Now we need to concentrate on supporting SS501 for their comeback but there are so many sensitive news like this.
    Leader looks happy when he’s on stage because that is his dream. It’s good to hear this.

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