[Twitter Update] SS501 receives support from KARA’s GyuRi and JiYoung!

Posted: June 5, 2010 in English, twitter
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While I was posting SS501 Music Core comeback, I see my twitter timeline and read tweet supports from SS501 hoobae (junior) KARA’s leader GyuRi and youngest JiYoung.

As I see from the tweet, GyuRi Retweet JiYoung’s tweet about SS501.

Read the translation so you know what these pretty girls say about our SS501 ^^

KARA JiYoung

네일샵에서 보고잇어요!!!역시……ss501짱!!!!! Loveya대박☺http://moby.to/saqtgy

At Nail shop there’s this!!! Of course…. SS501 The best!!!!! Loveya For the Win ☺(JiYoung also give link for the pic below)

Imuyachan : see her gorgeous nails on TV ^^ Jing is so cute ^^ Thx Jing ^^ This is why I ❤ KARA ^^ Super sweet!


RT: SS501 화이팅~^^love ya도 그렇고 let me be the one 도 너무 좋아요!

RT : SS501 Fighting~^^Really like love ya and let me be the one!

Translated by me, so properly credit me if reposted!

  1. lovely says:

    im really happy seeing DSP artist supporting each other, yeeeeeehh love them

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