[TV] SS501 “Love Ya” Comeback stage on MuBank 04.06.2010

Posted: June 4, 2010 in tv show
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My comment :

“Love Ya” stage

The boys are looking great! But, as I expected, few of their choreo made them breathless which can be heard during this stagey. Aside from that, they all sound great ^^ Hope the boys do great for tomorrow’s music core and performed a more handsome stage!

“Let me be the one” stage

Handsome , great song, great voice ! Yet, too bad they can’t sing it fully though this a comeback stage.. which makes me wondering ???? Anyway, during this stagey, there’s a part where leader did lil’ mistake on the choreo n he seemed unhappy – which we understand since our leader is such a perfectionist ^^ It’s okay leader, ure still not healthy enough and everyone makes mistake ^^ Fighting!


  1. hey says:

    their comeback was awesome !

  2. korukara kkj says:

    they use too many backstage dancer..ss501 doesn’t stand out especially when they’re using the same clothes colour..
    they’re doing the best for the perfomance..
    fighting ss501..
    do they gonna end the group because they’re contract already ended at 1’st june right?

    • Imuyachan says:

      agree..the dancer shud wore diff color … emm, they still have not renew the contract due to dsp ceo condition..yet, they will still with dsp until end of june / until the ceo recover so he can make decision about the boys’ contract..the boys respect his much that’s why they gave their full understanding…

      • korukara kkj says:

        i wish they won’t quit the group..
        but the boys have their own life to live..

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