[Info] Ahead of their comeback, SS501 is no.2 at Mnet M!Countdown June 3!

Posted: June 4, 2010 in fan project, tv show
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So, I was watching T-Max comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown June 3,2010 eps, when I realized a small information about which artists are the contenders for this week’s #1 of Mnet M!Countdown (MCD for short).

And, the small screen on the right below side shows MBLAQ & SS501.

As, this week MBLAQ won their #1, that means our boys SS501 has notched the 2nd place in Mnet M!Countdown chart for this week with 874 points whilst MBLAQ at #1 with 941.

Oh My God, our boys are receiving so much love though their not having their official comeback stagey yet ^^

Since tomorrow June 4 will be their comeback stage, and June 6 is HJL bday plus we want to celebrate their 5th anniversary, don’t forget to trend this topic on Twitter as scheduled :

#LoveYaSS501 – 4th June KST 9-11pm (for their comeback)
#501HJLday – 6th June KST 9-11pm (for HJL’s bday)
##5yrSS501 – 8th June KST 9-11pm (for their 5th anniv)

also, please purchase their digital single on soribada (how to do it click here)

– of course cheered for their comeback stages loudly in both Music Bank and Music Core !!

I will post their comeback (of  course) yet, a little bit, since I have appointment and will do the comeback post a lil’ bit late, so please youtube-d their comeback if you can’t see the show live ^^

Love Ya SS501!!

  1. mayza says:

    hye dearie..
    can u give the link to KBS for watching live..?

  2. mayza says:

    hye dearie..
    can u give the link of KBS live streaming..??

    • Imuyachan says:

      sorry..was busy at office so didn’t hv time to reply ur comment >.< i tweeted it that u can watch it via kpopflash.net yet, i dunno whether ure follwoing me on twitter or not…hope u saw my twitter…

  3. Kimz says:

    cool 😉 thanks Imuyachan for the info
    & .. welcome back guySS!!!!!! ^^

  4. shadow says:

    hi .. can i ask you something ??? were can i watch SBS please…

    please i hope that you can give me the link …

    thank you…

  5. SSZA says:

    OMG!!! i’ve watched ss501 comeback n it was THE BESTT!i was like,’oh,they’re gonna win 1st place nxt week!’ SS501 DAEBAK!even my friend’s grandpa said tht they’re very good looking esp baby! 🙂

  6. SSZA says:

    i know rite!bcuz my friend was texting my other friend who’s watching mubank with me.omo…when they show a clip of ss501 wearing white,i almost fall off my chair!!

  7. iyah says:

    is this live streaming?

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