[SPECIAL] SS501 song producer “Steven Lee” answered MarinaStory’s Question about SS501 plagiarism rumors![DO NOT POSTED ELSEWHERE]

Posted: June 1, 2010 in album, info, Music

One of TripleS informed me, about how SS501 new songs “Love Ya” sounds similar to “Let me love you” sung by Michael Angelo. And, SS501 song “Let me be the one” sounds similar to Andre Mieux’s song with the same title.

I heard the audio of those 2 persons mentioned on YT and yes  it is the same, the different is the songs are in English.

As I checked on Daum (since I have not received my CD from Korea) I see Steven Lee’s name in both songs.

So, I contact Mr.Steven Lee  and asked him directly about the truth behind all of this.

Being kind, this talented producer spare his tight schedule to reply my 2 e-mails.

Read his replies and my 2nd e-mail to him under the cut! [Click the image for clearer view]

His 1st reply below!

Then my 2nd mail to him is as below !

Mr.Lee 2nd reply!

So, there’s no such thing as plagiarism by our boys ^^ The writer/producer/composer of the 2 songs has confirmed that ^^ SS501 fighting!

Special thanks for Mr.Steven Lee for answering these questions!

  1. stalking_hj says:

    Oh imuya.. Dont post my previous my comment.. I have read fully now.. Really understand.. Hehe

  2. So-in says:

    you almost got me tear…
    just feel…full..u know
    thank you for your effort on clarifying this — me too found a lot of comments in YT and other K-pop site like you’ve seen…all i can do is try to post an explaination to them
    but i didn’t think it as deep as you did ^^ to really comfirm it
    let’s support them !!

    and ohh.. i really feel thankful to Mr.Steven Lee

    thanks dear ❤

  3. Lissa says:

    Well I think that should end the issue. No such thing as plagiarism coz that was just a demo version and was not officially released. Good, now can we just enjoy the music, OK?! Mr. Steven Lee thank you for clearing that up, my heartfelt thanks to you and of course Imuya Chan.

  4. amirah says:

    thank u for the explanation…
    hope there wouldn’t be any bad mouth talking about the ss501 plagiarism
    really hate that………..

  5. xrawrbabyrawrx says:

    yayyy! this is really good news. 🙂 now those antis can STFU.

  6. anon says:

    so that’s the truth.. thanks fr the info!

  7. ohgelie says:

    Hey Marina, Can I make a recap on my blog about this and then link you back instead? I won’t be posting the emails and convos, just the clarification.

  8. mayza says:

    + dear..
    + thanks b’coz u put a lot of effort to prove ss501 is not a copycat..
    + thanKYU so much dear..
    + *tears*

    • Imuyachan says:

      I just want to prove our boys are so not copycat what so ever those haters say 😀 n Mr.Lee is also super nice n super kind for replying my e-mail ^^

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  10. Nightrise119 says:

    thannnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkks for clearing all the doubt on SS501………for the whole world ^ ^

  11. Hey, dear …
    Thanks for your effort to clear this issue with Mr. Steven Lee… who definitely is the best suitable person to answer it ^^
    I also make a clear statement which link this page to my blog so more TS will know about it…
    I won’t repost your message but just a page link… Hope you don’t mind.. ^^
    super super thanks for this

    wingwing (SS501fighing.wordpress)

  12. Annie B. says:

    Thanks Imuya for your fast thinking and fast action. It settled the issues once and for all .SS501 specially leader has gone through a lot and they don’t need any more rumors and wild talks .

    Their MV is not only unique but scores excellent on all counts .It was really a team effort of everybody who helped produce this masterpiece . Really deserve a standing ovation and an MV that SS501 specially Hyun Joong will never forget .

  13. dee says:

    thanks for sharing. it will be a good news for all TripleS in the world.

  14. klaudia says:

    done a great great job imuyachan!!!…ss501 will definitely do their very best…our support will be with them…fighting!!..^ ^

  15. Chat501 says:

    Bravo girl!!!! Clap clap clap!

  16. kate says:

    thank you so much…i cried when steven lee replied…thank you for clearing things up..yeah, right..just enjoy the music..!!!!thank you so much..mwaaaahhh..love yah

  17. Valerie says:

    Thank you so much for clearing the issue. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

  18. terry says:

    waaa.. im happy that plagiarsm just rumor…

  19. sweetdream_kjssyou says:

    ss501 fighting…….i will waiting for you……i hope you will strong forever….i love you very much…..

  20. Gillian.luv.YS says:

    thank u very much for post them…thank u very very very very much!!! I really love SS501 and this one make me feel happy…
    can I have Steven Lee email? i have some more question about SS501,plz 😀

  21. SOSO$ says:

    thank you for doing this…

    and Thanks so much for you

  22. Vita Avianty says:

    Wow thank you for this Imuyachan, u r as fast as always to confirmed about kinda issue ^_^

  23. SSZA says:

    phewww…glad n relieve to hear the news! 🙂 thanx so much imuyachan 4 helping 2 clarify this matter!dont want other ppl 2 badmouth our boys,rite!i really salute u 4 going straight to steven lee 2 ask about this!cinca chommal kamsahamnida!!!

  24. emmertran says:

    I agree, you ank very true,and I beleive SS501 are never as that. We’s ss501 make to we proud. once, I thank you very much

  25. PEI YI :D says:

    Well , so its not remake but its NEW ? Just that that singer does a demo for fun ? Would you mind making me understand because im still a bit confused .. Sorry , my understand of english is not that good .

  26. may says:

    i’m sorry. I didn’t ask beforehand, but i was getting pretty frustrated with the comments in K bites, so I copied a link of this page on to k bites. I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to delete the comment.


    Also, thank you so much for your effort to clear things up!

  27. Kiwi says:

    omg nice! thank you so much ❤ 😀

    haters, in your face!

  28. milkkie says:

    hello ^^ thank you for taking the time to check for all triple S about the songs. really appreciate it. THANK YOU!!!

  29. dibmasisato says:

    This is the same case with what happened to SNSD’s Run Devil Run.
    Kei$ha sung the demo for SNSD and people thought they copy her.

    THANK YOU for clarifying things up.
    You’re jjang ! ;D
    SS501 hwaiting ^^

  30. kelemama says:

    Hi Imuya,

    Thanks for taking the step forward to writing to Steven Lee and got this info out. Really appreciate your effort and love for SS501 and TS.

    Me and my friends also have a blog and we would like to put a link of your post in our blog, hope that is ok with you.

    Thank for everything. ^^

    Love Ya,

  31. Zahra_HJLlover says:

    Imuyachan thanks for your information

  32. may says:

    you ARE?! awesome!! i LOVE k bites, it’s so much more professional than other k-pop related news sites.

    thanks a lot for understanding~~ i tend to do things without thinking, especially if i’m indignant because some one bad mouths ss501 xD

  33. Kimz says:

    thanks a lot Imuyachan for the info ^^
    u r cool, girl!! 😉

  34. Bamboo says:

    Thanks a million for what you have done. Thanks for making my heart feel so safe and peace. I was hurt by those bad comments about this issue. No matter how I try to explain, some people still refuse to accept the fact. Now, thanks to you, everything is clarified. I’m so proud to be a Triple S, and now, I’m even prouder to know there is a dedicated Triple S like you.
    Wish you all the best!
    Once a Triple S, always a Triple S!

  35. SSZA says:

    omo…there r tons of comments 4 this page already!hahahaha…i’m fine but kinda busy preparing 4 my high school major exam this nov.thats y i havent had enough time 2 check out this blog.so sorry…but bcuz i keep on thinking about our boys,i spare some of my time 2 keep with the news.anyway,u’ve done a great job with this blog!maybe who knows,our boys will find out about this blog through steven lee n check out this blog!! Ooohh…it doesnt hurt 2 dream!hahahaha… ^^

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  37. […] For the full details, you can see imuyachan’s unnie and Steven Lee communication via e-mail here […]

  38. […] been clarified by the song producer, Mr. Steven Lee. He kindly replied the email that imuyachan (MarinaStory) and clarified all the things regarding this […]

  39. Joanne says:

    hello imuyachan, i just want to check if it is ok with you that i repost your clarification on this matter on http://www.allkpop.com which is a website that kpop lovers go to visit.

    i just explained to them about your findings and i credited you and posted the link to your blog. i hope you are ok with it and thank you for clearing up the whole matter and thanks Mr. Steven Lee for kindly answering your emails 🙂

    SS501 LOVE YA!

    • Imuyachan says:

      so u already posted it? u posted it as a post or u put my blog link in the comment box in some SS501 post?
      emm, can u give me the link in AKP? just to make sure that everything is posted accordingly..thx

  40. Joanne says:

    well actually i just explained about the song being original etc. and i put your link to your blog and i credited you. but i didn’t post up the email pics.
    i went to check again just now but the comment where i explained isn’t there yet only the comment where i mentioned to ask permission from you b4 reposting any info. so that means the comment with the explaination and your blog link isn’t posted there yet..i’m not sure why…maybe it’s bcos it isn’t moderated yet or something…
    sooo sorry for telling you late after i posted..really really sorry 😦 you can go see now and maybe check tmr if my other comment with the explanation is there tmr. really really sorry for telling you late.

  41. Joanne says:

    if you still can’t view the comment on AKP maybe i can send what i wrote to you by email?

  42. Jenny Lim says:

    Oops, I didn’t know this song caused so much problem, but I believe a mature fan will not say bad about other groups, if you don’t like particular group, just don’t watch or leave any bad comments, every group have their speciality, I believe you also don’t like someone bad mouth on your ideal group, right?

    SS501 is the group that lead me to study Korean (so I can sing their songs in hangul), for 44 years I didn’t watch any korean drama or listen any korean song before but Boys over flowers + SS501’s songs brought me to know this wonderful language. I appreciated this opportunity. So SS501 – Fighiting & 사랑해요 ☆

  43. y0shiHana says:

    Thanks for answering my confusions! I’ll try to spread this info to other TS.. (i’ll post in link form), and hope it’s ok.. Thanks again!!

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