SS501 Leader Hyunjoong is sleepy much during recent filming of Hotsun Chicken CF!

Posted: May 30, 2010 in photo
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Previously I shared you the pictures from HJL Hotsun Chicken Filming done on May 28,2010.

Today, via his korean fansite, I spotted 1 picture of him yawning during the filming.

Our leader is so tired >.< He shud get some rest and he’s not recover yet from the car accident U_U So sad…

Get some rest leader ssi *sob*

  1. SSZA says:

    tsk..tsk..i feel so bad sleeping when he didnt get to sleep enough!but its cute seeing him yawning while shooting the cf.i dont think he noticed someone took a pic of him yawning!awwwww..

  2. Annie B. says:

    He has so many pictures yawning -I guess that is part of his charm . He doesn’t hide what he feels at the moment .Besides ,everybody knows he is sleepyhead and insomniac -so …

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