[Announcement] Requesting all Overseas Triple S to Support SS501 Comeback by purchasing their digital single!Pls read the manual!

Posted: May 24, 2010 in English, info

I was about to make the manual on how to do the digital single download, yet, i get this info from reena29shadow and decide to unite and repost this, so all overseas TS can unite to support the boys ^^ Let’s unite n u may repost above pic as mentioned since the more the merrier and will widen the winning chance for the boys ^^

Source : reena29shadow + as tagged!

SS501 jjang! TS jjang!

Let’s unite and make our boys notch those #1 spots!!

  1. […] Overseas fans can purchase the cd through yesasia as it’s conducted in English and it’s easier in anything. Yet, yesasia won’t do anything to the boys’ music charts’s position (which will affect their position in Music bank, music core or inki gayo), and that is why we need to buy their digital single as well. You can read the manual in my earlier post here […]

  2. […] also, please purchase their digital single on soribada (how to do it click here) […]

  3. iyah says:

    hi.. i just want to ask.. after i finished option 5, the pop up window is not closing, what will i choose, international credit card? cuz i dont understand the other option its written in korean.i really want to buy the digital single to help the boys reach the top..

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