[Fan Cams] SS501 at Dream Concert 2010!

Posted: May 23, 2010 in English, fancam, video
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SS501 – Let me be the one!! (HJL Focus)

The Fancams are out! OMG..I am tearing while watching this ~

“Let me be the one” is such a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat song ^^

But, is it me, or leader does look a little bit in pain while singing >.<

get well soon leader!!

Anyway, I can’t wait ’till full album is out!!

God I ❤ them so much !!!! SS501 jjang! Saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More fancams under the cut!

SS501 – Haruman (HJL Focus)

SS501 – Haruman and talk session (HJL Focus)

HJL says that initially we are going to sing the title track “love ya” , etc (as i translated b4hand)

Triple S replies loudly “Gwaenchana Gwaenchana Gwaenchana” – means It’s alright ..It’s alright!

Leader’s face was so touched by the fans reaction n HJB also laugh showing their thank you to the fans!

This is so touching … ❤

SS501 – Haruman FULL + talk session

You can actually hear the green peas’ support to the boys ^^

I am so touched n i can see that the boys are too ^^

SS501 – Let me be the on FULL (HJB Focus)

OMG I totally love this songgggggg ❤ ❤ ❤ Daebak!!!

SS501 – Talk time + Let me be the one

SS501 – Talktime (HJL & YS Focus)

Ss501 – Haruman (JM Focus)

SS501 Talk time

SS501 – Haruman (HJL Focus) – HQ

HJL sees TripleS seats while singing ❤

SS501 – Let me be the one (HJL Focus) – HQ

SS501 – Haruman (YS Focus)

  1. Carla says:

    🙂 they performed it well.. and ofcourse yeong saeng’s voice gave me goosebumps. O_O Very very nice voice

  2. Jenni_4 says:

    cool!! thanks 4 sharing i really like let me be the one its a nice one cant wait till the album i love HJL hair its cute. wish i was there tho…

  3. Clara says:

    Yes!on 22 May 10 I am in the concert, it is diff for me to buy a ticket, because I am a HK fans & thanks of Japan tour to help me but a ticket, in row “9”, on 22 May 10 was so cool & rain, but can see that I feel very touch & happy.

  4. Kimz says:

    thankssss!! ^^

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