[Video] SS501 Kim Hyungjoon’s Double Showdown in Music High 21&22 May 2010!

Posted: May 22, 2010 in English, video
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SS501 Kim Hyungjoon – Imitating Double S 501 @ Diff. Country @ Music High [10.05.21]

LOL ^^ HJb is so funny 😀

SS501 Kim Hyungjoon – Singing (4Men) “I Can’t” @ Music High [10.05.22]

OMG! This is so nice yet funny at the same time 😀

Uri magnae ❤

  1. Kimz says:

    So cute !!!!!! Hehe ^^

  2. Jenni_4 says:

    how cuuuuuute!!! baby is so funny and cute LOOOOVE him awwwwww!!

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