[Photo] SS501 on the stage of “2010 Dream Concert”!

Posted: May 22, 2010 in English, Event, photo spread
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bntnews’ title : SS501 ‘여러분 오랜만이에요~

Means : SS501″ It’s been a while everyone~

Source : bntnews

More photos under the cut!

and of course the green wave @ Dream Concert ^^

  1. kimmey_09 says:

    Wow i wish I was there~

  2. mclementin says:

    i’m going to cry when i see this. REALLY HAPPY I CAN SEE THEM ON THE STAGE AGAIN.

  3. Meggi3E27 says:

    thank’s 4 the photo,, keep update, please.. >o<

  4. zie says:

    I wish i can hear them sing right now.. Uri boys are looking soooo hot. can’t wait for their comeback. thanks your for this marina ^^

  5. Meggi3E27 says:

    so curious about what Young saeng n the other member talking about.. >o<
    if u know something please inform,,ok??? makasiihhhhh banyakk yh imuyachan.. lol

  6. mclementin says:

    yeah, i hope leader can get well as soon as possible…………..
    i miss them so deathly……..
    my heart is so painful……………………………….

  7. jan says:

    thanks for updating..

  8. nhaclinh says:

    They look so fine. May be HyunJoongie is still hurt. That’s why Young Saengie made the intro…
    Thanks so much! Lots of fans love our prince’s ballads.

  9. Carla says:

    oh gosh.. i was hoping to go to korea for this dream concert just to see ss501 T_T

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