[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyungjoon’s mom & brother U-KISS KiBum supports SS501 at “2010 Dream Concert”!

Posted: May 22, 2010 in English, Event, photo, Random Things
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During the Dream Concert Kim Hyungjoon’s younger brother U-KISS KiBum tweet his pic with his mom and the title goes like this :

우리 천하무적. 원더우먼 어머니랑 한 컷

means ~

We invincible. A cut with wonder woman Mother

Imuyachan : Mom is seen holding SS501’s stuff ^^ Speaking about loving 2 sons on stage ^^ HJB’s mom is pretty just like her sons ^^

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  2. Kimz says:

    So cute ^^ they really look alike kekeke…

  3. Cai Pastor says:

    Thanks alot for sharing this info of SS501, thank you so much for your effort and let pray for all of them to be safe all the time. SS501 Saranghaeyo and Leader get well soon.

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