[Full report] SS501 at 2010 Dream Concert!{THE SUMMARY}

Posted: May 22, 2010 in English, Event
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As I posted several posts for this event, you might missed it when it’s no longer at the homepage.

So, here’s the summary!

[photo] korean ts put banner to support ss501 in 2010 dream concert!

korean triple s turn on the green light for ss501 in 2010 dream concert!

[live report] ss501 in 2010 dream concert!

[photo] ss501 on the stage of “2010 dream concert”!

[info] ss501 is sorry for not revealing their new title track at the 2010 dream concert!

[photo] ss501 kim hyungjoon’s mom & brother u-kiss kibum supports ss501 at “2010 dream concert”!

[fan cams] ss501 at dream concert 2010!

[report] ss501 at 2010 dream concert from non triples audience!

Thanks for the supports through Twitter and (or) this blog ^^ I don’t feel sick at all during my “Live reporting” LOL

The concert went well, the boys performed well too and said to have teary eyes during their performance ^^

We will and shall support them in CD purchase as well as Music Show comeback right?

Triple S Fighting! SS501 Fighting!!



  1. mclementin says:

    really thanks to you for sharing this :DDD
    God bless you!

  2. Kimz says:

    Fighting!! Fighting!! ^^

  3. Annie B. says:

    Thank you for all your efforts in letting us have a bird’s eyeview of the concert through reports in your blog and your immediate feedback in English .It was very touching when fans were shouting its alright to KHJ! KHJ really felt the love and support of the fans you can see it in his eyes and facial expression . I hope this kid will slow down and not carry on his shoulder things beyond his control .

  4. kal says:

    Deeply thanks to you for sharring us. Its Really able to make us feel close to the boys.

  5. hana says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m very to all the boys together like that. Always love ss501 forever.

  6. suni-triples998 says:

    i really love this group , i hope ss501 will comeback soon this year . i really TRIPLES , love – love – love – love – love – love – love – and love them so much . Just want see 5 people stand in the scence again

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