SS501 says that they “LOVE YA” with a new “DESTINATION” this coming May 27th,2010!

Posted: May 20, 2010 in English, info
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Read another korean article about SS501 comeback. I have read this on English Fan site, yet, as always, I won’t be informing you girls before I get to see the exact korean articles b4 posting it up on MarinaStory.

So, I read updates by asiae shared by Youngsaeng-ee fan site called rmdkdl that posted a link from asiae saying SS501 new mini album details :

– new mini album is said to be titled “Destination”

– title track created by producer Steven Lee whom previously helped the boys’ single hits like : Love Like This

– title track will be titled “Love Ya” with orchestra that blends with SS501 strong vocal skills and piano play.

Source is asiae thorugh rmdkdl, Eng Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory


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