SS501 New Mini Album “DESTINATION” Online Pre-order starts May 24,2010 at 12:00 local time!

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DSP Media posted a new announcement as per today May 20,2010 regarding the boys’ new mini album called “DESTINATION”.

Read away!

[News] SS501 Album Destination Notice                               2010-05-20 7:10:58 PM

Hello This is DSP media.

Previously on September mini-album [REBIRTH] is released and <Love Like This>, <WASTELAND>, <1 day>, etc. received a lot of love. Soon, SS501’s new mini album (DESTINATION) released as they will be back to the music industry.

The boys were busy for their Asia Tour that went successful, and after 3 months preparation, they finally ready to unleashed their new song taken from the new album.

And, now the boys are working together again with Steven Lee who is a winning music producer/musician for their new album production.


Chosen as the title track is [ LOVE YA] written by the composer STEVEN LEE that comes with grand piano melody and the harmony of the orchestra and an impressive vocals of SS501. Added with engineer KEVIN KD DAVIS who previously did the mixing for Ne-Yo and Rihanna’s song plus a 50 gold records KEN LEWIS  within the album has made the album even more complete.


The first track LET ME BE THE ONE was composed by SS501’s “LOVE LIKE THIS” STEVEN LEE and SEAN ALEXANDER, with ANDRE MIEUX who is good with authentic R & B song have made SS501 sounds more mature in this album. Kevin Davis who previously did mixing for  NE-YO’s “SO SICK,” “CLOSER,” “BECAUSE OF YOU,” and a recent Billboard # 1 RIHANNA’s “RUDE BOY” has also taken part in the album production. In addition, the fans will also get the song CRAZY 4 U which is a song that the boys always performed on their Persona concert.

And the last track titled FOREVER which was done in Frankfurt, Germany is an European power-pop song with SS501 member Heo Youngsaeng’s beautiful lyrics added has attract more attention to the song.

The new album of SS501 is expected to be released on May 27,2010.
Whilst, their comeback is scheduled on KBS-TV Music Bank on June 4,2010.
More comeback schedule will be upped to the schedule page.

PS) SS501 [Destination] Special Edition new mini album can be online purchased via YES24 on May 24 from 12:00 local time, and we are expecting your participation on this as we will also give a fan signing opportunity for all participants.

For more information about the  fan signing will be informed on May 24 morning via bulletin.

Thank you.

[DSP Media]

Source : DSP Site + Imuyachan @ MarinaStory for ENG Trans

And, beside reading the news at bntnews , K Bites also done a translation related to this as well, read it too!

Pre-order for SS501 new album ‘Destination’ to start on 24th May

It has been known that SS501′s new album ‘Destination’ will be available for pre-order online from 24th May.

After their previous album ‘Rebirth’, the group will once again work with American music producer Stever Lee for their new album. In addition, it is known that there is a special and normal editions to the album, with the special edition album which showcases a before-and-after transformation photoshoot, and the normal edition which showcases a photoshoot with the Sadomasochism concept.

The pre-order for the special edition album will take place on various sites like Yes24, InterPark and Aladdin etc on 24th May. There are also plans for a fansigning on the 28th May as organized by Yes24.

Meanwhile, SS501 also plans to reveal the ballad song off this new album with their appearance for  Dream Concert on 22nd May.

S:Newsen+K Bites for ENG Translation

Imuyachan : As I read bntnews, the pre-order for Special Edition album will also done online via Kyobo Bookstore at the same date!

  1. Kimz says:

    Welcome back!!! Yeah! ^^ looking forward to see them back on stage again! ^^
    hehe..n thx Imuyachan for the translation & sharing ^^

  2. iane says:

    . . are they also going to sell online via thanx! i would really love to see them back!.

    • Imuyachan says:

      i guess so..after all the pre order via korean sites in the end they will sell it via yesasia..yet, yesasia won’t be helping their points to get the music shows #1 charts >.< pls help with digital sales as well ..thx dearie…

  3. iane says:

    Korean music products at are sourced from distributors in Korea, and are reflected on the GAON Music Chart owned by the Korea Music Content Industry Association.

  4. lynn martin says:

    Hello!!! I’m trying to get the album online, I want the Limited edition (with autograph) but then, someone told me it is not available online, only in Korea…is there anyway I can get one?…by the way, I hope you visit San Francisco, California again and do a concert. Good Luck and more power!!!

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