[Info] SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong’s Female version revealed!

Posted: May 17, 2010 in English, Random Things

A new singer resembled our leader Hyunjoong!!!!

Have u heard new group called Vanilla Lucy? Well, their vocalist Bae DaHae (known as DaHae – born in 1983) is getting people’s attention as people see her posted selca (self camera) on her mini hompy and finds the similarity between her to our leader Hyunjoong and Super Junior’s HeeChul. She is also called by the netizen as “Yeoja Kim Hyunjoong” means “Kim Hyunjoong Female Version” after they see the posted selca.

It is said that her milky skin and light blonde are the ones that resembled our leader much.

Me personally think, her left below pic resembles uri leader much ^^ But if u see her appearance in Vanilla Lucy’s debut last May 14th, DaHae didn’t look similar to our leader as she dye her hair black, so, is it only the hair color?

Source : unionpress

To see Vanilla Lucy’s debut performance on May 14,2010 through KBS Music Bank click here


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