SS501 Kim Hyungjoon was upset to his girlfriend because…?

Posted: May 16, 2010 in English, tv show

SS501 Kim Hyungjoon showes the appearance of a real man!!

Kim Hyungjoon on the recording of SBS sixthsense quiz scheduled to broadcast on May 16 says,” I was upset with my girlfriend because when we fought she went looking for her friends, “he said.

On the recording, the quiz talks about ‘Bad guy’ topic. Kim Hyungjoon who started his entertainment career since young age says,” I fought with my girlfriend because you don’t talk to outsider about your complains (boyfriend girlfriend issue),” he said.

But, Kim Hyungjoon”s complain is a bit special. Drink and complain, but things were not talked with his girlfriend. Kim Hyungjoon,”It became hard to get along with friends,” he continues, “My girlfriend’s story was kept alone,” he revealed showing his “Real Man” side and not the “Bad Guy” side.

Yet, Kim Hyungjoon’s answer has not suit the right answer and has made the studio full of laughter.

The show will be aired on May 16,2010 at 10.45 local time.

Source : unionpress+newsen; ENG Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory

Imuyachan : It’s been a while since I saw SS501 member on TV ^^


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