SS501 takes care of hoobae KARA in their Japan’s activities!

Posted: May 13, 2010 in English, fyi
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SS501 boys are supporting their junior KARA.

It is revealed during an interview recap done by KARAHOLIC staff as mentioned below in related to KARA’s recent handshake event in Japan. So, happy to read about this in KARAHOLIC so I decide to re-post it (of course) with full credit ^^ Love DSP Love and (or) DSP Line ^^

Read for details and do not edit/remove credit when reposting!

Interviewed 2 females and below are the recap information:
What do you like about them?
Cuteness, they’re really cute, small face, a bit confused with their Japanese though, Haha…
Oh, really?
But their aegyo really give friendly feeling.
What do you think of Gyuri?
-She’s really pretty.
-She’s so beautiful. True Goddess feel.
How do you know about KARA?
We know them through SS501 since they’re from the same agency. After searching from there, we found out KARA.
Ah, so through searching then you get to know about KARA?
Yes, but SS501 also often talked about KARA. Yeah, since they kept talking about KARA, so we’re kind of curious about KARA, so we went to search about KARA.

Looks like there are a lot of female fans.
Probably more than half. Moreover, mostly young ones. Actually, the fans are from unknown age, there are also a lot of ajumma fans.
But seriously majority of the fans are elementary school students. Actually I’m quite surprised that such young kids also affected by Korean Wave.
Yeah, I saw on the internet there are a lot of young girls being fans of Korean wave.
Yes, recently Shinee and 2PM are also quite popular too.

KARA’s handshakes event ended with fans being satisfied and pleasant atmosphere.

Tips from Angeal
imbc news
Translated by
aank1 @
Do not take out without full credits


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