SS501 and KARA to be the 1st local celebrities on a USB Memory Card!

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Advertisement, English
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SK Telecom Open Market 11st ( sells an exclusive and limited edition of “Star USB Memory Card” from Top Stars SS501 and Kara.

‘Star USB Memory Card’ is a 4G USB memory card that looks like those common photos that we put inside our wallet. The good thing about this product is the customers can choose their favorites members’ photos memory card.

The memory data is said to have 2.5-times faster data transfer rates plus a plug & Play function. It is also comes with password setting and also water resistance.

This product rep said on May 11,”This is the first time using stars’ model for our domestic IT product release. With top stars’ photos on your memory card makes you want to carry it anywhere and anytime whilst also catering your needs (customers’ needs). We planned to continue using local celebrity as our model for the coming domestic IT products and hope to give us a good sales out result, “he said.

Meanwhile, the limited sales period for SS501 and KARA USB Memory Card will be open until May 18,2010.

source : isnews+computertimes; ENG Trans : Imuyachan @ MarinaStory  , to see KARA‘s click here

  1. eluel07 says:

    Woah!! I wish I could buy it… >.<

    And thank you for sharing the news. ^^

  2. A says:

    aww what a cute usb. I think I want one. hehehe hope its not expensive =).

  3. Kimz says:

    Haha so cute* can’t choose.. I want to have all 5 of them! ^^ kekeke

  4. SSZA says:

    aaaaa…is this their recent pics??cuz if it is,hyun joong’s hair is longggg noww :)ah,so happy!!!

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  6. vini aLi says:

    .how much is it ?

  7. Muntingzx says:

    Hi, can i know if the thumbdrive is compatible to Windows 7? (:
    Do get back to me asap, thanks!

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