SS501 contract with DSP Ent. ends as per June 8,2010! No news about contract renewal!

Posted: May 8, 2010 in English, info

Ok, news about the boys’ contract was out since May 7,2010. The fans is concerning the boys’ contract which will be end on June 8,2010 which exactly 1 month ahead. No news about their contract renewal and that makes the fans even worried.

Especially when 501 day which was set to be their new album comeback was not happened and DSP only releasing the boys’ new photos for the fans has indeed made the fans even worried.

News related to this issue was released by various portals saying stuff like :

  • SS501 HJL will join new company alongwith best friend TVXQ Hero JaeJoong
  • SS501 won’t continue contract with DSP and will join new company ( all 5 members )
  • SS501 HJL is getting numerous lovecalls (offers) from various companies
  • SS501 HJL seemed to join entertainment company owned by famous actor Bae Youngjoon after the media spotted the 2 having numerous secret meeting
  • etc.

Yet, in one news released by Sports Donga has stated few lines from DSP :

DSP Ent. official on May 3rd says to Sports Donga via a telephone conversation, “Preparation of the new album is now already reached 90%. However, we still need more time to adjust the schedule, yet, the album will come out in May. Very sorry for only releasing the pictorial part of the new album for the fans and the public, ” which has dismissed the rumors.

And, my fellow blogger Sookyeong has kindly translated the news spreaded in various k-portals :

Ahead of group SS501′s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end next month on the 8th, there has been much interests as to whether the members will continue promoting as a group.

Currently it is known that leader Kim HyunJoong has received many proposals by other entertainment management company to sign up with them. And many see that there is high possibility that Kim HyunJoong and his best friend Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong will be moving to an entertainment agency together.

And there is also speculations that it is quite impossible for the whole group to move to the same company if they do not stay with DSP Entertainment.

With regard to that, an entertainment industry expert said, “Even if the members go to a different company and to promote as SS501, they will not be able to do it.” But the truth is we saw how G.O.D and Shinhwa members had continued with their group activities even after they changed their agency.

Meanwhile, the SS501 members are still not signed on to their new agency yet.


Imuyachan : My friend Sookyeong and I have the same opinion regarding this issue, and that is to not have any speculations b4 hearing DSP official stand regarding this rumors. And I personally think with new album come out it’s possible that the boys will get their contract renewal. I don’t know, I think things will be alright ^^ I hope this is true ^^ Let’s pray for the boys and hope the best for them ^^v I would love to see them stay with DSP but, any company is fine as long as they’re together ^^

  1. tisya says:

    I hope they’ll be together forever.. I love them very much you know?!!

  2. Kimz says:

    yeah.. as long as they are together.. **** >,<

  3. mutie hyun 4ever says:

    I hope That’s not true… T_T

  4. So-in says:

    ^^ hope for the best
    i’ll be always loving them …

    thank you for the piece sharing dear

  5. mayza says:

    + im really sad about this..
    + it juz like seperate them into 5 pieces..
    + i hope ‘501’ will still together..!!

  6. mayza says:

    + im very sad when read this part..
    + it jz like seperate them into 5 pieces..
    + ‘501’ means five together as one..
    + i hope they will together as one forever..!!!

  7. Haii Imuyachan glad to see you .. I am a big fan of SS501
    I’m new in this world … and I really want to copy it to my blog, may I?
    how? and I also have to follow your twitter .. I hope you can help me .. ^ ^ Pliz

    I’m glad to find this blog.. Thanks.. ^^

  8. harisa says:

    i always hope they will be forever until end

  9. chime says:

    whatever the agency is..they must be together as ss501!!

  10. blah blah! :P says:

    i hope leader doesn’t leave SS501!!! they all should be in one group, im getting worried tht leader might leave SS501 for his best friend… just hopefully that doesnt happen at all… and why is leader going to a new company without his group?!

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