SS501 HJB & Jungmin use Twitter but NOT Hyunjoong Leader!

Posted: May 1, 2010 in English, fyi
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I don’t know whether you already know about this or not!

Hyungjoon Magnae (HJB) is confirmed to have a twitter account with the name : HyungJun87

It is confirmed because the account is friends with U-KISS KiBum account – and this account is confirmed to be KiBum’s (HJB’s brother). Though I wasn’t sure at first since he follows 30 sumthin girls’ account in his following list, but since the account is followed by KiBum’s so, I assumed HJB is just confuse about using Twitter tools LOL ^^

Whilst, an account about Jungmin’s account is also revealed (this one… I am still unsure whether it’s verified or not) with the name : royalavenue . But, the account followed zakky account which is an account that is followed by U-Kiss KiBum, HJB and the rest U-KISS members, Rainbow JaeKyung, etc. (the one which are verified). So, I kinda believe the account is real…

Then, there’s another account saying that it’s Leader’s with the account name : SShyunjoong

But, the rumored to be leader’s one is untrue, as DSP already stated that it’s not the real HJL.

Here’s news from K Bites :

There has been much interests amongst netizens whether the Twitter accounts for Lee Hyori and SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong is authentic. And it has been confirmed from the 2 that they do not use Twitter.

The account (ID: HyoriiLee) looked seemingly like an account set up by Mnet but it was confirmed that it is not authentic as confirmed by Mnet themselves. As for SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s case, DSP Media also confirms, “Kim HyunJoong has not Twitter.” So it is confirmed that the account (ID: SShyunjoong)is not authentic.

-Omitted for not related to HJL-


So, be careful, don’t be so easy to trust some Korean celebs Twitter account! ^^


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