[Photos] It’s 501 Days in Korea !! SS501 New Upcoming Concept Photos revealed!

Posted: May 1, 2010 in English, photo spread

As I write this post, it’s already May 1,2010 in Korea mean it’s 501 Days already ^^

I know that there will be a pending whatsoever since DSP hasn’t released anything these past few days U_U

The boys was planned to release their new album today, but today, all I see from DSP site is only these pictures.

I am happy *coz at least there’s something* but, that means their album is pushed back U_U

No surprise for me, as DSP used to do this to us >.<

The new photos of the boys’ upcoming concept seemed to be about dark image as we see how the boys poses for a dark look concept with mask and related accessories.

I hope DSP announced their comeback date at the soonest! Meanwhile enjoy the new photo concept!

Photo is from DSP Site

  1. kimmey_09 says:

    Their pictures are so intriguing!!!! Can’t wait to see them perform again! Happy 501 days SS501!!! ♥♥♥

  2. jescel says:

    ohh…scary!!!! 🙂 but still they are so hot…hahaha..missed them so much…so cool…

    • Imuyachan says:

      haha…i don’t really like these pics though I ❤ the boys so 😀 hope more pics coming out ^^ n shud be better than this please 😀 thx 4 coming dearie 😀

  3. soin says:

    I was like *shocked* when i see this
    because my friend sent me a message that Kyu posted something…and when i hit DSP website
    Kim Hyun Joong !!!!! OMG……..

    thanks for sharing dear ^^

  4. elle says:

    As i have read in some blogs, the concept for the comeback is zero cool gangster which means like some streetfights and what so ever. But im not sure at all

  5. Kimz says:

    OMG!! new look!!!!!!! *o*
    can’t wait for the new album >,<
    thkz Imuyachan for the update & happy 501 day!!! ^^

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  7. SSZA says:

    my god!!i cant even recognise any of them with the make up n masks!they should show their faces n not hide it with the mask.but it looks very….edgy?!hahahaahahah x)

  8. Chyms says:

    Young Saeng Is Looking pretty hot …….. 🙂
    go SS501 am really looking toward to their album.

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  11. triple S says:

    sweet but i would like to see their faces.
    they should not take the scary/bad boy images ):
    but still hot and my NO.1 love 😀

  12. maythu says:


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